net-im/prosody and SASL authentication

Victor Sudakov vas at
Tue Mar 10 15:49:26 UTC 2020

Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Thank you Thomas, I've successfully installed the
> 11.3-i386/lua52-lua-cyrussasl-1.1.0.txz package, will try Prosody+SASL
> tonight and report.

Good news: Prosody with 

authentication = "cyrus"
cyrus_application_name = "prosody"

starts without any error in logs.

Bad news: a psi user cannot login with "Authentication error: Unable to login"

"testsaslauthd -u test -p test -s prosody" returns '0: OK "Success.'
so it's probably not a saslauthd problem.

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN
2:5005/49 at fidonet
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