net-im/prosody and SASL authentication

Victor Sudakov vas at
Tue Mar 10 03:24:19 UTC 2020

Thomas Morper wrote:
> > I guess lua is missing the "cyrussasl" library but where do I get it?
> The Lua binding to the Cyrus SASL library is a separate module for which 
> there's no port yet. It's only a single .so file, though, so I made a 
> quick and dirty port. The result looks fine in poudriere, but my Prosody 
> setup is different from yours and I can't really test it.
> If you want, please try and see if it works for you.
> Port source:
> Packages for {11.3,12.1}-{i386,AMD64):

Thank you Thomas, I've successfully installed the
11.3-i386/lua52-lua-cyrussasl-1.1.0.txz package, will try Prosody+SASL
tonight and report.

BTW how do I "import" your port into poudriere? I know only how to work
with whole ports trees ("poudriere ports -[c|u]").

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN
2:5005/49 at fidonet
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