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Tue Jun 30 09:30:52 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-30 02:44, Brandon helsley wrote:
> There has been a difference in the hash sign of the command line. When I'm logged in as user it is $. When I am logged in as root it is #, even when I do not execute a shell. Usually it was root at machine17#. How do I change it back? I have to do pwd instead of just knowing what directory I am in.

Hi Brandon/others,

It is often unnoticed that FreeBSD has a mirror of the root user 
appropriately named toor (whose shell can be anything).

The better thing to do is :

1) Install bash and poshinit: pkg install bash poshinit
2) Modify the shell for the user toor: chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash
3) Set the password for toor: passwd toor
4) Logout and login as toor, and run the command poshinit

poshinit will :

1) automatically adjust your bash prompt to the current directory

2) create a portable shell environment (stored under $HOME/.shell/) that 
you can reuse across Bash/Zsh under any OS: FreeBSD/Linux/Cygwin

If you do not want to use poshinit, you can yourself put the following 
into your .bashrc:

export PS1='`pwd` # '

Hope this helps,
Manish Jain

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