Xorg, lightdm, xfce & German Keyboard

Christian Schmidt Christian.Schmidt at chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Sat Jun 20 23:26:39 UTC 2020

Hi list,

after some experience with Linux (Debian & Ubuntu), I'm just taking some 
first steps with FreeBSD (2.1-RELEASE-p6).

As I'm used to (and quite like) it, I chose lightdm as display manager 
and XFCE4 as desktop. Graphical login is running fine - with just one 
annoying problem: I can't type umlauts in my xfce4-terminal when lightdm 
managed my login: Entering an ä results in displaying "a.

When going to Graphics with "startx" and ~/.xinitrc like this
	export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
	setxkbmap de
	exec xfce4-session
all is fine: Umlauts in xfce4-terminal are appearing. "env" then shows:

After login with lightdm, "env" reveals that neither LANG nor MM_CHARSET 
have been set.

I tried creating a file /usr/local/etc/X11/Xkbmap containing "de" (see 
line 26 of /usr/local/etc/lightdm/Xsession) - with no success.

I'm just wondering how to make lightdm modify my environment in the same 
way my .xinitrc does it - and appreciate your hints.

TIA & Kind Regards,

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