Infinite stupid threads ...

Roderick hruodr at
Thu Jun 18 07:08:31 UTC 2020

On Wed, 17 Jun 2020, Michael Sierchio wrote:

> I do like the fact that sometimes troll-initiated threads get hijacked by
> thoughtful discourse.

I think, the purpose of technical mailing lists is not small talk,
although a little of it may not distrurb. For small talk there are
usenet groups, or forums like

I think Etiquette, fixed rules according to which one must behave,
are not necessary for people with a little level of sensibility and

Normaly, one takes emails seriously, at least more seriously than
small talk forums, one reads every email, or is aware of every
incomming mail. That is why I read emails in the order they arrive,
I do not use threading with email.

The infinite stupid "thoughtful discourse" disturbs and cause big damage
to a list. Makes the mailing list less serious, people take emails
less serious, concentrate less on what is being written, at the end
filter them to trash or dev/null without even reading them.


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