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Tue Jun 16 21:18:27 UTC 2020

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> fetched. E.g., and that address their products to
> Linux, not any of the BSDs.
Where on Earth did you get the idea that PetiteCloud was primarily
targeting Linux?!??!!? (See my signature for my qualifications to know what
it was intended for!).  I wrote PetiteCloud on FreeBSD, for FreeBSD and
used bhyve as the primary hypervisor.  The linux stuff was 1) to show the
flexibility it had and 2) attempt to widen the audience to people who think
FreeBSD is some kind of poor step child to Linux (if anything Linsucks is
the poor step child to FreeBSD and the other BSD's).   If you really want
to know more see the interview I did in BSDMag (Dec. 2016) on the matter.

BTW I am also a port maintainer and the largest headache in that regard is
fixing weird and pointless assumptions made by Linux developers (even if
their overall idea is great).   For example redefining the entire macro set
for Bison and making it incompatible with newer versions of Bison (spent 2
weeks so far fixing this on devel/aegis and still not done, not even sure
how recursive the rabbit hole is).

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