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Chris Knipe savage at
Tue Jun 16 15:27:36 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 5:18 PM Aryeh Friedman <aryeh.friedman at>

> Since you've likely never needed to connect one you wouldn't know but they
> can send email and text messages.   Text messages (SMS) are limited to 140
> characters thus if you need to send a longer message you need to
> fragment.   Also status reports are sent to the clients employees and
> sometimes to patients and most of them use smart phones and thus have
> *LESS* than 80 character wide screens and it still has to be readable for
> them.   Since 80 is a good compromise between all these demands it is a
> good requirement for any email the system sends (we even have an automated
> test to make sure no message has a line longer than 80 chars for this
> reason).
Again, please don't insult my intelligence.  I've worked many for years at
Clickatell, which is one of the biggest bulk SMS providers in the world.

SMSes are actually limited to 160 characters.  It's not a 'fragment', but
it's a STANDARD defined in the SMPP Protocol (which is the protocol used to
transmit / receive SMSes, in case you didn't know), and you can combine any
number of 160 messages into a single one. They can virtually be as long as
you want them to be if you use the correct technology. Then there's also
MMSes, which can even be used to send multi-media content (MIME and BASE64,
for reference sakes).

The reason why a smartphone is called 'Smart', is exactly that.  It can
load a multitude of email clients, all perfectly capable of rendering
emails > 80 characters.


Chris Knipe

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