Mailing List Etiquette was freebsd vs. netbsd

Chris Knipe savage at
Tue Jun 16 15:07:41 UTC 2020

> Unless some program was hard coded for it then the code is different.   In
> many legacy applications such hard codings were made to maximize
> performance and/or some other reason.    It is these legacy applications
> that in many cases make it so the doctor's office refuses to upgrade
> (usually some ancient accounting or lab management program that would cost
> an arm and a leg to replace/if replaceable at all [some medical devices are
> not made any more but are still in use in many doctors offices]).    Public
> hospitals are even worse off in terms of funding and unless serious help
> from the government is forthcoming are almost certain to be unable to
> upgrade to something that doesn't require an ancient TTY 33A, DEC VT100 or
> something like that to be connected (they are physically incapable of
> interfacing to anything else).   A good case in point is the "new improved"
> ventilators that Trump sent to Elmhurst Hospital (here in Queens) where
> incompatible with the pre-HL7 EMR they had and that's why the governor had
> to ask for more (and agent orange haid [Trump] refused because he has the
> same "newer is better" attitude you have... oh and he is also an all around
> idiot).
> TL;dr -- You often have very little if any choice IRL about what tech is
> actually in place and 24x80 is a universal lowest common denominator and
> thus it should be kept.
Again - what does this have to do with email and 80 characters?  You don't
read your email on a heart monitor, do you?


Chris Knipe

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