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Tue Jun 16 08:04:36 UTC 2020

On Tue, 16 Jun 2020 15:27:51 +0800
Warren Hua <warren at> wrote:

> Hello
> I read through this guide:

	That isn't a guide it is a legally binding license.

> but I am not sure, if I add one or more customized modules (written or 
> modified by ourselves) to freebsd kernel, and sell the biz service based 
> on this freebsd hosting, does it break the copyright?

	As I understand the license terms and your intentions it does not,
the language seems very clear you may use it with or without modification
and you may redistribute it subject to certain conditions. You plan to use
it with modification - the license appears to make no restrictions on how
you use it.

	However I am not a lawyer and not competent to give legal advice.

	If it really matters you should get a legal opinion - it is ONLY my
layman's opinion that failing to do so will not land you in trouble.

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