CR LF was: freebsd vs. netbsd

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Sat Jun 13 05:53:26 UTC 2020

On 12 Jun 2020, at 13:32, Montgomery-Smith, Stephen <stephen at> wrote:
> It always seemed to me to be a waste of bits.  Why not have one ASCII
> code that did both?  Then I found out why.
> One time, I decided to try a LF CR at the end of a line instead of CR
> LF.  I found that the next character that was typed ended up in the
> middle of the page, not on the far left as it should have been.  What I
> realized was that the CR takes time to complete, because it has to
> physically move the printer head to the left margin.  The extra LF gave
> the printer the extra time it needed.

Not sure about teletypes, butt here were other reasons to have separate codes for line feeds and carriage return: strikeout and underline.

This word is underlined<CR>

Where each , is a space. Same for strikethrough, m using a dash instead.

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