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> On 2020-06-12 02:14, Polytropon wrote:
> >> But it's often done by redefining the ASCII characters carriage return
> >> and line feed. Originally they meant, respectively, move the print head
> >> to the left margin, and roll the paper up a line.
> >
> > Erm... no. The carriage return returns the _carriage_ to the
> > first position (here: to the right), that's why it is called
> > carriage return and not print head return. :-)
> >
> > On older electrical typewriters, you will see...
> Electric typewriters didn't use ASCII.

But they did have carriage return and line feeds...  the two are different
the best way to understand that is on manual typewriters the  "return bar"
(the thing with a big handle on it) [
] would first do a carriage return and if you pushed it hard enough (hard
not to) it would also do a line feed.   You could also do a line feed by
just turning the nob also.

So it has nothing to do with character encoding!
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