Openness vs. Comfort

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Fri Jun 12 14:11:16 UTC 2020

On 12 Jun 2020, at 07:37, Vincent DEFERT <20.100 at> wrote:
> My impression is that there are 2 sub-groups in the FreeBSD community, those wanting FreeBSD to dominate over Windows and Linux, and those wanting to keep every semi-colon in its set line and column forever.

Neither of the groups you describe cover the majority of FreeBSD users.

> [ Deliberate exaggeration here, but posts on this mailing-list and on the forums seldom fall in the mid-range. ]

Most posts are about using the current version of the OS, or a recent version. The vast majority of posts are in no way evangelical.

> I assume all of you have perfectly healthy eyes. Great!
> Unfortunately, this is not my case. For me, reading plain text messages is a torture. I made an effort in the beginning, but it is not possible in the long term.

Then you have a poor MUA. One of the points of plain text is that the recipient can make it look exactly how they want.

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