Makin' backups -- questions

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Fri Jun 12 00:01:20 UTC 2020

I'm re-writing my backup scripts and could use a bit of advice.

I make routine full but "incremental" backups of all of my drives and
partitions by using rsync, updating the relevant removable drives so
that I always have a full set of relatively current images, including
even my boot drive, which, if worse came to worse, I could quickly
install as replacements for my regular drives and then just boot

Anyway, when I am making my backups this way I do use the --exclude-from=FILE
option for each separate partition that I back up, and I pre-populate the
relevant exclusion files with pathnames that I don't believe should be
backed up (e.g. /.snap).  I also use the --delete and --delete-excluded
options.  No sense in having useless gunk messing up my backup partitions.

There are however a few things that I'm not sure if I should or should not
be routinely backing up.

First and foremost, I have always wondered about the wisdom, or lack
thereof, of using rsync to back up the various UFS partition /.sujournal
files.  It seems to me that given the fact that I am asking rsync to
simply copy the source .sujournal file to the backup partition... which
is live and active as I am doing that... that this is probably a Bad Idea.
So for now I am simply excluding from the backups all of the .sujournal

So, I'm just wondering... Given that I am doing that and that I thus end up
with -no- .sujournal files on my backup partitions, should I be using
tunefs and turning off journaling on all of these (backup) UFS partitions?

Separately, I do also wonder about the stuff in my /var partition, and about
what bits of that stuff are really just ephemeral flotsam that are just
a waste of time to back up.  So, dear friends, which of the following are
subdirectories that you believe would be a waste of time to make backups of?
Which if any of these would cause a system to refuse to boot, if the
directories themselves simply did not exist?  (Note that this is -not-
a full list of all of the directories under my /var directory.  I have
pre-trimmed out all of the ones that I know that I do want to back up


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