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> > > You can use gmail with a separate email client if you like. The
> > > servers support pop/imap/smtp.
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> >
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> > Case in point I use gmail not because of its ease of use per se (even
> > though it is better then most standalone MUA's) I use it because it is an
> > off-site backup of years worth of correspondence that is too valuable to
> > worry about losing in a hardware failure.
> >
> You can configure most email clients to leave messages on the server...

Why make a system with many moving parts one I can make one just as good
with one moving part?  I think in some areas this would be called
complicating the crap out of an ant hill.    I really think most people if
given the option (and equal functionality) would go for the fewest moving
parts (given Murphy that is).   For what I need and want gmail has all the
functionality I want so why add complexity when none is needed?
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