freebsd vs. netbsd

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Thu Jun 11 14:03:56 UTC 2020

On 6/11/20, Donald Wilde <dwilde1 at> wrote:
> This must be the eternal subject that keeps FreeBSD users from getting
> Real Work (TM) done...
> Oh, wait, no "top posting!" Do y'alls realize (or remember, for a lot
> of us)  that this was _also_ the top subject for discussion on
> freebsd-questions back in the 00s???

Dang it, got bit by the @#$!! reply-to-list thing myself... sigh...

> On 6/11/20, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
>> On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 08:56:16 -0400, Jerry wrote:
>>> Even worse are the number of responders who fail to clip out unneeded
>>> portions of the message. I am aware that there are users who consider
>>> "truncating" parts of a message as blasphemy.  However, without proper
>>> pruning, an email replied to numerous times in a virtual cornucopia of
>>> styles, becomes an unintelligent mess.
>> Yes! This is a good description of what I meant with "showing
>> respect" or "to deal with" the message. If your headers are
>> kept working, and you can also use "[...]" or "[dd]" (or any
>> other indication that you clipped something) the "quoted"
>> aspect is still fully valid. And if you worry about the
>> blasphemy: there's always the reference (!) to the original
>> message which can be consulted.
>> Thanks for mentioning this one - I thought I was the only one
>> who noticed that. Oh, must be my PC's snob mode again... ;-)
> Hear, hear. IMHO, crafting a good explanation of "top posting" and how
> to configure mail browsers to default to it (or at least how to be
> consciously careful about it) would be a Really Good Thing(TM) to add
> to the Handbook's "Mailing Lists" section.
> Okay, it would. I'll take that on. Hope I don't crash my TODO stack... :D

I will do this... I'm really tired of this subject and I want it to
(mostly) go away with more people happy about FreeBSD and talking
about other good things!

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