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Thu Jun 11 13:03:01 UTC 2020

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 15:22:06 +0300, Yuri Pankov wrote:
> WRT top-posting, I strongly disagree with this, having $work use Outlook 
> almost exclusively and getting really hard times finding who answers 
> what in *technical* discussions with more than 2-3 replies -- I'm 
> spending A LOT more time than needed on this.  I would agree on using 
> top-posting when you are sending some request and have your manager 
> reply with "Approved" on top, that's the only situation I can think of 
> when it's acceptable.

I'd say, it always depends on context. For example, if it's
just a simple VSRP ("very short reply preferred") kind of message,
there's probably nothing wrong:

	12 o'clock

	Bob wrote:

	When can we meet?

But if a discussion gets more complex, and especially technical
ones do (but it is of course not restricted to technical ones!),
it can get problematic what exactly (!) has been replied to. Or
if multiple questions are asked:


	Bob wrote:

	For the next meeting, I have free slots at 2 pm
	and at 4 pm on Tuesday, or if you want, 10 am
	on Wednesday. If that doesn't match your current
	plan, suggest a different time, I'll see what I
	can do.

	Furthermore, did you review form 27B/6 as I asked
	for? Do section 3 or section 7 need changes (Joe
	suggested them in yesterday's meeting)?

Now imagine this kind of "discussion" at the length of 10 pages.
Yes, I have seen them. Printed. On paper. In an office.

Personally, I feel (!) that using inline quotes + tidying up
the message is a token of respect. It shows that you've actually
read the message, thought about the matter, and took time to
write an answer. My hope is that people who read my messages
will see the amount of work that went into them, and see it
as an appreciation of _their_ time. In my opinion, just slapping
something like "install sysutils/foo" on top of a message does
not express respect, even though it _might_ answer the initial

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