freebsd vs. netbsd

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Thu Jun 11 07:34:03 UTC 2020

On Thu, 2020-06-11 at 09:14 +0200, Ralf Mardorf via freebsd-questions
> On Wed, 10 Jun 2020 23:13:10 -0600, @lbutlr wrote:
> > On 10 Jun 2020, at 23:06, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> > > However, I assume that the use of "reply to all" is so convenient
> > > is often preferred to "reply to mailing list", that's why
> > > replies are send "twice"…  
> > 
> > A smart MUA (is there one) you have a reply button that replied
> > if the messages was directly to you, replied to list if the message
> > was from a list, and made you hit a difficult chorded sequence of 47
> > keys in precise order in less than 4 seconds to reply to all.
> It's not just a question of a "smart" MUA.
> There are two different "smart" approaches. Depending on mailing
> list settings, formatted headers of the user and the wanted result,
> have got pros and cons.
> Either "reply all" or "reply" could invoke a mailing list reply in a
> smart way.
> However, it depends on the wanted result and the headers of the sender
> and kept or overridden headers by the mailing list.
> Btw. the mailing list never sends 2 replies. One reply is from the
> list, the other directly from the sender. It's even possible to
> duplicated messages by mailman, but then you'll receive a reply
> mailing list header, IOW just the reply from the sender. IOW it's a
> cheap workaround, it's not smart.
> A "smart" solutions always providing the mailing list header is
> possible, but hard to achieve. It only works if the common goal is
> defined and all pull together.

Depending on the goal, the mailing list header is unneeded and can't be

Btw. the goal could not only be 'if a do p' and 'if b do q' ...
unfortunately there are more things to consider ... you might want to do
'p' or 'q' only, but 'if a' and 'if b' might require more logic such as
'if a and if y' or 'if a and if z' ...

> It requires agreement regarding the content of the Reply-To and
> From headers.
> A problem could be that some MUAs usually only provide
> one of the two options, but it's required that depending on the goal
> the user can chose between "reply all" or "reply" to invoke a
> mailing list reply.

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