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Thu Jun 11 06:13:08 UTC 2020

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 13:37:34 +0800, Warren Hua wrote:
> And, this guide is even better than those smart scripts (mailinabox 
> etc). Following it step by step, we know how it works exactly.

If you're running a "full stack mail server", and you are
responsible for its operation, you probably _should_ know
how it works exactly.

> I think this is also the difference in principle for freebsd and linux.

It's the difference between a "turnkey system" or "appliance
container" compared to a system you have full control of,
in all of its parts. If "just for fun and experiments" is
your primary goal, a pre-configured "all in one" is definitely
nothing wrong to use. But if you plan to build a long-term
system that is exposed to the public, you're probably better
of with something you actually understand.

And imagine the common case where security updates are
needed. On a system you control, you can update and maybe
reconfigure the parts that _need_ those actions, while leaving
the other parts untouched. You can do this on your own, very
quickly, without having to wait for a 3rd party to update 
their "magic script" and hope it doesn't break anything.
Being able to understand the different components, how they
interact with each other, is (in my opinion) essential if
you want to be a responsible (!) mail system admin, as this
is _not_ a "install & forget" thing today.

Sidenote: You can create a meta-port of your "full stack mail
server", and if you install that, all required components
will be installed. This approach also works, in a different
manner, if you separate components into jails.

Summary: You never know what's _really_ in the tin can. ;-)

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