Q. re: zfs clones and promote

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Wed Jun 10 15:54:31 UTC 2020

I am working on a clone of a template jail in IOCAGE. My thoughts were tht if
things go horribly wrong then I can simply remove the clone and start again
from the template.  If things work out then I can promote the clone.

However, I am not clear on the implications of promote.  I just want to go
thorugh this so that any misapprehension that I have can be corrected:

1. A thick jail (X) is created via iocage.
2. Jail X is started, has a specific suit of packages installed, and is stopped.
3. Jail Xc is cloned from X.
4. Jail Xc is started, additional packages added and configured, setup as
desired for its intended purpose, and stopped.

Now, I read this in the zfs man page:

     The clone parent-child dependency relationship can be reversed by using
     the promote subcommand. This causes the "origin" file system to become a
     clone of the specified file system, which makes it possible to destroy
     the file system that the clone was created from.

The way that this is worded can be interpreted that Xc becomes the file system
and X the clone of Xc, which can then be destroyed.  What I wish to have is
both X and Xc as independent zfs file systems.  Is this not possible using
promote or must I use zfs send to obtain this result?

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