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Tue Jun 9 02:21:13 UTC 2020

> On Jun 8, 2020, at 8:56 PM, Wesley <wesley at> wrote:
> May I ask a question, is it possible for freeBSD community to develop a nice GUI like Mac OSX? current opensource desktop like KDE is not behaving as well as OSX in my opinion.

This nice GUI like MacOS’s is not necessarily nice in everybody’s opinion. I for one would prefer Mate Desktop. There are several different DEs (Desktop Environments) which I may not like as I didn’t blend into iPad generation, but that may be considered quite comparable to MacOS’s one. Still, compared to MS Widows MacOS's is nicer (my subjective opinion), yet still there is one thing about both of them: you can not choose “dock area” on left, on right (speaking about MS Windows), and you can not remove Apple top bar (“top is reserved for mighty Apple…”). So, Xwindow based DEs cover much wider spectrum of tastes IMHO. 

But if there is something specific you are after, you can try to describe it, and I bet with so many Experts on this list, you can hear viable advise.


> Thanks.
> Valeri Galtsev wrote:
>> MacOS departs farther and farther away from BSD… so some time ago I scratched MacOS from my list of “UNIXes”. Administering server on MacOS became unbearable for me. I still tell all Mac laptop owners: the beauty of MacOS is that you have nice GUI, and UNIX under the hood.
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