freebsd vs. netbsd

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Mon Jun 8 13:26:36 UTC 2020

> On Jun 7, 2020, at 11:26 PM, Anatoli <me at> wrote:
> * FreeBSD: servers (performance, stability, relative security, zfs),
>  competes directly with Linux
> * OpenBSD: routers/firewalls, desktops (the most secure OS

The most secure… if you dismiss the fact that one of the developer (who wrote network stack if my memory serves me) was simultaneously receiving payments from one of three letter agencies for several years.


> and a really
>  good desktop, but its absence of server-class performance is its
>  weakest side + no zfs (just ffs2) and limited virtualization (no SMP)
>  so not suitable for any serious server load where absolute security is
>  not a must). The king in its niche (paranoid security)
> * NetBSD: toasters & freezers (runs on anything, otherwise not sure
>  what's the point :), competes with FreeBSD and Linux (and Linux now
>  supports more archs/platforms than Net). IMO no clear vision and thus
>  attracts too little resources both human and economic. IMO midterm not
>  much hope for survival, same as DFly and smaller BSDs.
> I believe that OS development is an economy of scale (doing things more
> efficiently or having other advantaged with increasing size) with a
> tendency for a monopoly in the same niche.
> There are some features that the larger players establish as a
> commodity, but that are very time-intensive and complex to develop (e.g.
> virtualization, wifi ac and now ax). So what Linux implemented more than
> a decade ago, the BSDs are just catching up now.
> Linux world had 2 "obstacles" to its almost flawless growth recently
> (systemd and a ZFS alternative). Now that the things have almost settled
> up, if they don't commit any more serious errors I don't see how the
> BSDs (except OpenBSD as it's not a direct competitor) could compete with
> it in the long term.
> Now with ZoL/OpenZFS the long-term future even for FreeBSD is not that
> clear (and the recent iX decisions [1] [2] are a clear sign).
> [1]
> [2]
> On 7/6/20 22:35, Wesley wrote:
>> greetings,
>> There were freebsd and netbsd (maybe others?) in BSD world.
>> What points did they focus by design?
>> what are their use scenes then?
>> Thank you.
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