freebsd vs. netbsd

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Mon Jun 8 09:17:38 UTC 2020

On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 13:41:24 +0800, Wesley wrote:
>> Not per-se, but Apple took many parts of BSD
>> into Darwin, which forms the basis of iOS for all their devices.
>> Ie.
>> So you could say a bit of BSD is in quite a lot of mobile devices.  
>Nice to know that. thanks.

I would be careful with thinking that iOS and iPadOS have much in
common with FreeBSD or that Android has much in common with Linux.

For example:

The file systems supported by iOS or iPadOS are a limited selection of
Apple and Microsoft file systems, there's no compatibility with UFS or
ZFS. I don't know if iOS allows to access external drives at all, at
least iPadOS does.

Linux has got amazing real-time capabilities, Android has got no
real-time capabilities at all.

They are very, very restricted operating systems, not just for the
end-user, also for software developers. Even if they should provide
something you consider as very good from FreeBSD or Linux, from one day
to another they could deny usage, see .

You cannot access or backup iOS or iPadOS devices by a FLOSS operating
systems. They could become temporarily inaccessible by FLOSS solutions,
see and
if the FLOSS solution should work, be prepared that you could damage
data by using it, without making a user error. Even by using Appel's
iTunes software, what is called a complete backup actually is an
incomplete backup. Some data that is important for the user is only
available on the device, there's no way to use file sharing, send it by
email etc. or to restore it from a backup. Some other data can only be
restored from a backup, so there's no way to share it. Some data can be
shared, but it could become very complicated.

This has got nothing to do with FreeBSD, a few lines of FreeBSD code
aren't nice, if some of your intellectual property is captured.

FWIW I'm using iPadOS as an audio DAW and for drawing. However, I'm
also using a mobile FreeBSD, , it's mobile,
just without a device to run it. A desktop PC or laptop with an USB
port is needed to run it.

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