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Mon Jun 8 04:36:26 UTC 2020

On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 12:07:08 +0800, Wesley wrote:
> On 2020/6/8 上午 11:14, Polytropon wrote:
> >> what are their use scenes then?
> > Oversimplified: NetBSD is the candidate for "runs everywhere",
> > so it's very useful for embedded systems and "strange" hardware
> > platforms; OpenBSD has security as primary goal, that makes it
> > perfect for servers; FreeBSD is also used for embedded, servers,
> > and desktops. In an attempt to summarize, all the BSDs can be
> > used for almost everything - from embedded, to laptops, desktops,
> > servers, and "combined forms". In reality, you_will_  find BSDs
> > in all those places, and you will also find them in places where
> > you don't know there is a BSD running, for example in routers,
> > managed switches, NAS, WLAN APs, firewall and other networking
> > appliances. They are also used as development platforms for a
> > lot of other systems.
> Thank you so much Polytropon.
> Do these three have difference on package management?

Yes. They use their own package creation and distribution
system. However, those systems work "somewhat similar".

The you use are of course a bit different, but technically,
they aim to achieve the same goals.

The system TrueOS, ex PC-BSD, derived from FreeBSD, had its
own format: PBI = push button install, which was a kind of
"everything in one file -> into one subdirectory".

> For example, Ubuntu use apt, Centos use yum for package management.
> Though their main purpose are similar, but usage is different.

Exactly. The same applies for the BSDs.

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