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On 6/4/20, Brandon helsley <brandon.helsley at> wrote:

>> Actually, besides being THE go-to reference on C, it's the
>> best-written C book out there and the most elegant presentation of the
>> basic concepts. I have a bunch. While the bits and pieces AROUND C
>> have evolved, C itself really hasn't. I prefer the K&R braces over
>> GNU, myself, even though most of the 'NIX world is tilting towards the
>> GNU landslide.

>>Thank you for interspersing your comments as I asked, Brandon. You
>> have shown the whole Project that you can learn and WILCO without
>> complaint! Good coder, GOOD!    :D

> I'm doing the indentation myself. Does your mailer do the indentation for
> you or do you do it yourself?

Ouch! I was afraid of that. I use GMail in my browser (FF or Chromium
on Ubuntu, in this case), and it converts any non-ASCII text as best
it can. If recruiters send me a bulleted list
of job description items, it leaves the bullet character but puts it
inside of the '>' that GMail
uses for indenting comments.

I am going to make a suggestion here, which may make you think
SOMEBODY is truly
far off the reservation called 'nice people'. If your MUA is Outlook,
get into its settings and attempt to turn off HTML formatting for both
incoming and outgoing e-mails. I never bought Outlook for my 'doze box
so I can't tell you exactly how to do it.

If it's an Android phone, whatever MUA you have on it should also have
such setting switches.

If you can actually get MS to accept this, you might not want to leave
it that way as HTML e-mails are definitely more fun to look at than
raw text. Do it as a learning experiment.

What I'd suggest that you do is to go to and create
brandon.helsey at and subscribe that address to your
open-source mailing list collection. The GMail client can be accessed
from any (lynx, anyone? Haven't tested THAT one :) ) web browser, so
you can use this on your FreeBSD machine or even a public library

The downside to GMail is that it is more difficult to categorize
e-mails, but IIRC it can be done.
Don Wilde
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