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On 6/4/20, Brandon helsley <brandon.helsley at> wrote:
> I see there is a section on upgrading ports in the porters handbook that
> slightly touches on diff and patching ports. I'm still confused though about
> how to find the bugs to make the patches and get the experience. Is that
> part of the process of debugging anywhere in the documentation?
A gazillion books have been written about debugging, Brandon. It's
what we call a 'cottage industry', supported by guys like you and I.
The simplest answer is that if something doesn't work the way you
expect it to, you investigate until you get to the bottom of 'why' and
either change your expectations or embark on solving the problem. Or,
until your stack of Other Important Things To Do(tm) takes

A side note, please ensure that you don't change subject lines; this
one has 'minimal' misspelled.

Another note, it's important for those of us following the thread as
it goes that you take care to put your most recent comments _after_
the part that you are responding to. Microsoft made Windows MUAs like
Outlook default to adding new comment to the top,  but that makes it
virtually impossible to see who said what, when. That isn't critical
for an informational chatting thread like this, but it is _crucial_
when doing real work like discussing ports and bugs. The practice is
called 'top posting' and it drives our people in the FreeBSD community
nuts for the above reasons.
>> On Jun 4, 2020 at 6:43 AM, Donald Wilde  <dwilde1 at>  wrote:
>>  HA HA Bugs, bugs, bugs! YUP! On 6/4/20, Steve O'Hara-Smith>
>> wrote:  >  On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 04:42:21 -0700  >  Donald Wilde>
>> wrote:  >   >>  ~64*365.25*3600 seconds  >   >  Did you miss a factor of
>> 24 in there or are you really two years  >  and eight months old ?  >   >

I was getting too cute, one of my more laughable but common human
failings! I was just debugging (there's that word again) a Ruby
routine that deleted files older than a certain age and I had modified
it so that I could delete files based on ages in seconds, hours, or
days for testing so that my testing could be done with alacrity and
not half a lifetime. Oops...

Don Wilde
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