Configuring slim on a multi-

Patrick Mahan plmahan at
Tue Jun 2 03:26:23 UTC 2020

I tried freebsd-desktop first, but since I have not seen any responses, I
thought I would try here.

I am using slim as my display manager.  I have a dual display and currently
using the freebsd-simple theme.

I have modified the theme (temporarily) to place the login box always on
the left most screen -

# panel location
input_panel_x           25%
input_panel_y           25%
input_name_x           105
input_name_y           215

However, pressing the F1 button causes the session display to occur in the
middle split across both monitors.

I tried modifying the msg_x and msg_y to no avail.  So is there a control
for where the session info is displayed and controlled?



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