Loggin fiference between two 12.1 installs

@lbutlr kremels at kreme.com
Fri Jul 31 18:26:57 UTC 2020

I have two 12.1 machines, both up to date, one is 12.1 x86 and the other is 12.1 amd64. When logging attempts to login vi ssh, the logging lines appear differently:

12.1 x86:
Jul 29 14:50:48 mail.covisp.net sshd[67412] Invalid user service from port 62677

12.1 amd64:
Jul 18 14:24:06 ns2 sshd[73208]: Invalid user pi from port 16977

As you may notice, the second line contains a ':' after the [PID] and the first does not.

(This caused a week or so of email exchanges with Kevin Zheng off-list of the sshguard-users list about sshguard not working properly one the 12.1 x86 system before noticing the absent colon.)

So, my question is why are the log lines different? Is there some configuration that I may have changed?

Where and what do I check?

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