Cups on FreeBSd-12.1p7

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Thu Jul 30 13:55:09 UTC 2020

On Wed, July 29, 2020 05:10, Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jul 2020 16:46:25 -0400 "James B. Byrne via
> freebsd-questions" <freebsd-questions at> wrote:
>> Following a pkg upgrade the printers on my desktop stopped working.  I use
>> cups and I see this in /var/log/cups/error.log
. . .
>>   (   1   Pscript5Idiom.pkgsave   IdiomSet   7
>> Pscript5Idiom.pkgsave
> The pkgsave extension is used by pkg when it has to install a file over
> an existing file.  It renames the existing file with this extension then.
> Pscript5Idiom should be in /usr/local/share/ghostscript/9.52/Resource/IdiomSet/
> So my guess is something went wrong with the registration of the
> ghostscript package during a previous upgrade.  You can just remove this
> file.  Maybe you should also search your system for other pkgsave files.

Thank you very much.  I have eliminated the problematic files and directories,
run 'pkg check --shlibs --dependencies --checksums --all', and forced the
install of all reported packages.  The print service now works again.

Still cannot get cups-pdf to work but that is another problem for another day.

Thank you.

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