change in tcsh behavior

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>  >   > 	How do I go back to the old output?
>  >   
>  >   Set sysctl kern.tty_info_kstacks to 0.
>  > 	Umm ... is there a reason this isn't the default?
>  I think the idea was that it is useful enough to enable it by
>  default. Otherwise, it would be really hard to discover it. This
>  change was well received by various developers, and it also had an
>  revision where the default was changed from 1 to 2 (or something)
>  to make it a little bit more compact.

	And if it makes their life easier, then I approve.
	1) something visibly changed, that
	2) affects the default system shell and therefore a _lot_ of
		users, many of which like the old way 
	3) without warning or documentation (e.g. a single line entry in
		src/UPDATING), and figuring out what happened is, in your
		words "really hard to discover" for the casual user.


				Robert Huff


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