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Mon Jul 27 20:14:27 UTC 2020

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 3:39 PM Jerry <jerry at> wrote:

> I take back my original assessment of you, you are, in fact, dumb.

I will revise my assessment of you.  You were *NEVER* attempting to be
helpful. You were just simply being a complete and total jerk each reply
and purposely so I might add.   I have been doing my best to give you the
benefit of the doubt and thinking that you just didn't know how to be
polite but with a comment like that I can only conclude that you are
purposely being a jerk.  Calling you a troll is too polite of something to
say.   I highly suggest you at learn how to be diplomatic (all attempts to
be diplomatic to you are completely and totally lost)

There is absolutely no contradiction in what I said. Using FreeBSD for
> "X" and "KDE" is NOT the optimal setup. FreeBSD is simply NOT the
> optimal OS for that pairing. Now, if a user is not interested in or
> requires optimal performance, then that is their decision to make.

You made a blanket statement regardless of the use case (while other people
like Steve O'Hara actually helped solve *SOME* of the issues I was dealing
with in my config the only advice you had was "you are an idiot for even
attempting it on FreeBSD" [paraphrased]).   Since it was clear from my use
case I was not going to switch OS then why waste your breath at all
attempting to convince me or anyone else to unless you are just being a
jerk (and a troll)?

Either be a part of the solution or shut the hell up (just saying "XYZ is
wrong" is not being helpful).

> FreeBSD is an excellent OS for use with Apache, Postfix (or other MTA),
> database programs like MySQL, etc. Again, I use, whenever possible, the
> best OS for the problem at hand. Only a fool blames his tool.

If you had actually read the use case I outlined a few messages ago you
would of seen doing development on those tools *IS* my use case and thus
FreeBSD is the right tool!  (and no I am not made out of money and thus not
going to by one machine for each micro use I have, besides I am too much of
a environmentalist to waste electricity like that).

> I know FreeBSD sucks with KDE, but I don't spend all day here bitching
> like a little girl. I reserve that for a more appropriate forum. I know
> FreeBSD driver support is sub-optimal, but there is little that I can
> do about that.
> I am fully aware that Bug 237666
> <>, that has
> existed since 11.x and has continued unpatched up to at least 13.x

It is not my fault you bought a messed up mother board and refuse to be a
part of the solution in fixing it.   This is not a general issue with 12.X
and you said you self you refused to help fix it because "dell refused to
give you the hardware to test on" (I wonder if this makes you screaming
like a little girl like you accuse me of being when in fact I have been an
active helper and tester in every PR I have filed:

> still exists. I only bring that up on different boards once every few
> months just to make sure that no one has forgotten about it. I am under
> no illusion it will be fixed in my lifetime. At least, not on purpose.
> Aryeh, at some point in life, you have to learn to accept life as it is.

And I do accept it as is and thas why I make my tools work the way they are
supposed to work in the way I use them and refuse to accept "not the right
use" as a valid reason not to use something.

> >> I DID and STILL do highly recommend using the OS, and obviously the
> >> applications associated with that OS, that offer the highest degree
> >> of performance for any particular task. Performance is a very
> >> subjective concept though. If your only need is to draw a straight
> >> line, you obviously do not need to run a CAD program; any ASCII
> >> based text program should suffice. For that reason, I would never
> >> use a 'chain saw' to miter a piece of crown molding. (I know that
> >> analogy probably goes over the head of many users here, but it was
> >> the best one I could come up with in a hurry).
> >>
> >And as said above the application I use FreeBSD it is the best suited
> >to my needs yet you refuse to accept that.
> If it is the best suited for your needs, why do you continue to bitch
> like a little girl?

Why do you continue to give a flying F?  If it is not your use case and/or
you have nothing useful to say in helping to make it work shut up!

> >> I have two screens on my desk, connected to two different PCs running
> >> different OS's. Each one is configured to meet my specific needs for
> >> the task that they are required for. I know, I have been told to use
> >>
> >
> >I have a truelly KISS solution for that: a KVM switch they cost
> >(depending on the video cable type) as little as $25 and as much as
> >$120. (
> >
> )
> >and if you need HDMI a HDMI switch (
> >
> ).
> >Problem solved no need for some heavy weight solution like two
> >complete I/O setups (likely a few hundred dollars that you didn't need
> >to spend) or a VM (getting more horsepower then you need).   BTW this
> >is the exact solution I use for the same problem with the additional
> >issue of living (working at home due to being a freelancer) in a small
> >NYC apartment and thus not having infinite desk space.
> I like utilizing two complete OS's. It suits my needs perfectly. And,
> it is extremely simple to setup. If you are happy with the KVM, that is
> fine with me. At least you are not crying about it every two seconds.

You are assuming I am using nothing but FreeBSD... wrong! first you might
even look at the website in my signature where I walk you through setting
up linux on an older version of bhyve (circa 2014),  I currently run two
windows machines as VM's and linux when ever I need to test on it (and/or I
want to be tortured).

> >> "Hyper-V" or some other virtual system; however, this works just fine
> >> for me, and if it ain't broke, I don't intend to fix it.
> >>
> >Nor is it as simple as possible even by your definition of simple.
> >Bringing this up because you popoo'ed the KISS solution that works for
> >me by the above quotes!
> It is simple for me, with the added bonus of "It Just Works".

But yet you popoo'ed out of spite and spite only.  I never said your set up
was wrong just showing that it (depending on use case) does not meet the
simplest possible requirement you brag about.  I only did so to show that
you're being a hypocrit.

> >> With all the problems that seem isolated to your system, have you
> >> ever seriously considered doing a complete reformat of you PC, then
> >> reinstalling the OS and each piece of software piece by piece until
> >> you find out what the problem is, if there even is one. I am
> >> starting to think the problem you are fighting with is related to
> >> the PEBKAC principal.
> >>
> >
> >Done the above experiment 3 times on my current machine alone and
> >thats how I can say without qualification that the performance for X
> >has gotten worse I can even from memory tell you the exact procedure I
> >use:
> >
> >0. Download latest release snapshot
> >1. Erase existing (whole) drive with dd
> >2. Reinstall using automatic configuration/partitioning (UFS not ZFS
> >since ZFS produces drives that are nearly impossible to physically
> >move between machines)
> >3. Set the time and reboot
> >4. Manually set up networking by editing /etc/rc.conf and
> >/etc/resolv.conf 5. svnlite co svn://
> >/usr/src (currently 12.1)
> >6. cd /usr/src&&make -j 12 DESTDIR=/ world kernel&&etcupdate&&reboot
> >7. While make is running create a user account and add basic services
> >like NFS (client), NIS and SSHD to /etc/rc.conf
> >8. Reboot
> >9. Manually mount NFS home dirs and add to fstab
> >10. Reboot
> >11. svnlite svn:// /usr/ports
> >12. cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster
> >13. make install
> >14. rehash
> >15. cd /usr/ports
> >16. portmaster -d x11/nvidia-driver x11/nvidia-xconfig x11/xorg
> >x11-wm/xfce4 www/firefox editors/libreoffice devel/aegis devel/fhist
> >devel/cook archivers/tardy java/openjdk8 audio/deadbeef editor/vim
> >www/tomcat9 java/icedtea-web
> >17. Edit /usr/local/sudoers
> >18. Add tomcat9 to /etc/rc.d
> >19. run nvidia-xconfig&&cp ~root/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf
> >20. Add nvidia-modeset_enable="YES" to /boot/loader.conf
> >20. Reboot
> >21. Login as the end user
> >22. Startx
> >
> >(Note I do not consider this ***HARD*** at all, it is actually less
> >work then getting a consumer OS like Windows or MacOS completely
> >configured to my liking, and it is all 100% documented unlike
> >attempting anything except the default install on Linux which almost
> >always gets something wrong and you have to fiddle with it zero
> >documentation or access to the sources due to using binary packages)
> >
> >As to performence if I can watch 4k/120 fps video in real time then
> >there is zero problem with performence (any lack of performence in
> >other apps is because of incompetent coding on the developers behalf).
> >  Given the fact I ditched my TV and FreeBSD with some help when it
> > comes to getting the
> >content (like mutlimedia/youtube_dl) over 5 years ago proves that it
> >has performance as good as the best TV's out there. (What more could I
> >ask for especially since I am using a 10 year old graphics card).
> But is it a 72" curved flat screen with surround sound? I kind of doubt
> it. If it suits your needs though, that is all that matters.

I don't have room for such a monitor but I have set one up with the
identical setup above for a friend that lives in the burbs and does have
room for it and it worked perfectly with good performance on the first try.
  Stop making assumptions you can't support about what different OS's can
do and can't do.

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,

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