Ask stupid questions and you'll get a stupid answers, was: Technological advantages over Linux

Jerry jerry at
Mon Jul 27 16:17:50 UTC 2020

On Mon, 27 Jul 2020 08:49:50 -0400, Aryeh Friedman stated:
>On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 8:24 AM Jerry <jerry at> wrote:
>> >> >The handbook says mailing lists are the prefered way to
>> >> >communicate about FreeBSD so suggesting the forum is pointless
>> >> >if you want to get the widest possible input.  To quote "The
>> >> >mailing lists are the most direct way of addressing questions or
>> >> >opening a technical discussion to a concentrated FreeBSD
>> >> >audience."  
>> >>
>> >> In keeping with my 'KISS' principal, why not simply start a new
>> >> list, appropriately titled: "FreeBSD vs. Linux". In order to
>> >> insure a viable user base, follow the same procedure as the the
>> >> regular FreeBSD questions list and allow postings sans any
>> >> preregistration. 
>> >
>> >I am not the one suggesting it (please stop putting words in my
>> >mouth) it is the person I was replying to that suggested it.  
>> You obviously suffer from a persecutory attitude. I simply replied to
>> the post in the order I receive it.
>I am quite sure that is not the case.  You just don't know how to
>clearly state what you are replying to, instead you do so in a way
>that is (purposely?) unclear and thus imply stuff about someone who
>you obviously don't like (me) that may or may not be true (I never
>stated an opinion one way or the other).

Wow, I neither like nor dislike you. You are not that important to me.
You really do suffer from some for of paranoia.

>> Seriously, Aryeh have you ever considered that possibility that you
>> suffer from a form of Oppositional Defiant behavior?
>A truly odd comment from someone who constantly recommends Linux on a
>FreeBSD mailing list after being told in the thread that the question
>is about FreeBSD *NOT* Linux!  And then after being told that Linux is
>not a viable option still pushes the matter.  Most of my blunt
>statements about the Linux idea (none of them were about you
>personally, where yours are very personal) were due to an attempt to
>show that Linux was a complete non-option in my case and that
>suggesting it was worse than useless (it was insulting).    So a small
>personal question: tell me why I should listen to someone who doesn't
>even have enough courage in their convictions to leave their email
>address on an email they sent?

I never recommended Linux over FreeBSD, or any other OS as a absolute.
I DID and STILL do highly recommend using the OS, and obviously the
applications associated with that OS, that offer the highest degree of
performance for any particular task. Performance is a very subjective
concept though. If your only need is to draw a straight line, you
obviously do not need to run a CAD program; any ASCII based text
program should suffice. For that reason, I would never use a 'chain
saw' to miter a piece of crown molding. (I know that analogy probably
goes over the head of many users here, but it was the best one I could
come up with in a hurry).

I have two screens on my desk, connected to two different PCs running
different OS's. Each one is configured to meet my specific needs for the
task that they are required for. I know, I have been told to use
"Hyper-V" or some other virtual system; however, this works just fine
for me, and if it ain't broke, I don't intend to fix it.

With all the problems that seem isolated to your system, have you ever
seriously considered doing a complete reformat of you PC, then
reinstalling the OS and each piece of software piece by piece until you
find out what the problem is, if there even is one. I am starting to
think the problem you are fighting with is related to the PEBKAC

Oh, I got your apology. That sort of highlights my PEBKAC theory.

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