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James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Mon Jul 27 14:40:35 UTC 2020

On Sat, July 25, 2020 22:46, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> Firefox, a terminal and a audio player (deadbeef) and thats it.   12
> logical cores [AMD Ryzen 5 2600] 24 GB of RAM with 6 GB of swap backed by a
> 1 TB SSD.  The only thing I can think of is there is a HTML 5 game that I
> often leave open all the time (one of those hurry up and wait multiplayer
> strategy/war freemium games [Forge of Empires]) and that slows it down but
> almost anything else I do besides the above also slows it down (for example
> libreoffice slows the entire machine to a crawl if you select a cell range
> in calc for copy/pasting [you don't need to actually copy and paste
> anything just select the region]).   If I start mysql-server it makes the
> machine go out to lunch if I am using the GUI at all.   I have an identical
> machine that I never use X or any GUI on that runs 3 VM's with one of them
> being my mail/print/nfs/dns/etc. server and not a single performance issue
> with any of the VM's or host.  So the only possible conclusion I can draw
> is it is X being extremely screwy on FreeBSD due to all the linux hacks in
> it (this despite X's claim it will work on any POSIX machine with the right
> video support).   As we move more and more towards wayland as being the
> pixel driver it gets worse.

I run FreeBSD 12.1 on a ten year old desktop with 16 Gb RAM and a single Core 2
Quad. On this system I run my normal desktop environment (mate), develop and
test software (Ruby on Rails), run environmental tests for various software
deployments using iocage jails, run Poudriere builds, run network monitoring
tool daemons, remotely administer servers in multiple cities, and generally do
everything other than host production services.  I used to run BHyve on it but
the processor does not support all the instructions that BHyve on FreeBSD-12
now requires.

The only time that I can recall having a response problem on this system was
caused by Firefox, which in the recent past (c. March or April this year) had a
nasty tendency to uncontrollably spawn multiple processes, relating to audio I
believe but I cannot really recall what.  This problem did not manifest itself
in either Chromium or Opera.  Until I uncovered what was causing the response
issue it was intensely annoying.  In any case the remedy was to manually kill
the excess processes.  Following a recent update, whether to Firefox, or Pulse
Audio, or both, this problem has stopped recurring.

Presently running on this system I have a working Samba AD domain with two DCs
in separate jails, there is a LibreOffice Draw local document open on my
desktop, there is a LibreOffice Calc remote document open which (for us) has an
unusual number of macros, Firefox is running with nine tabs open and I am
composing this message in a separate  Squirrel Mail window, uTox chat is
running, Jitsi softphone is open, gitk is running,  pgAdmin3 is running, gvim
has a remote file opened on one of our servers, Pluma has five files open,
Nautilus has a webdav resource open, there are five Gnome terminal sessions
connected to different local jails and remote hosts, and X-Term is running a
terminal session on a mid-range minicomputer that runs an operating system that
predates Unix.

PS tells me that I have 83 processes running attached to terminal sessions and
200 processes running in total. Uptime says:

[root at vhost04 ~ (master)]# uptime
10:33AM  up 9 days, 23:35, 2 users, load averages: 0.44, 0.41, 0.36

I am not experiencing any detectable degradation in response time.

The only idea I can come up with why you are experiencing difficulties with X11
in your setup is that you may have a DNS resolver issue, but from my point of
view it appears unlikely that it is a problem inherent with FreeBSD itself.

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