Ask stupid questions and you'll get a stupid answers, was: Technological advantages over Linux

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Sun Jul 26 11:50:58 UTC 2020

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 7:36 AM Jerry <jerry at> wrote:

> On Sun, 26 Jul 2020 06:50:26 -0400, Aryeh Friedman stated:
> >are not interested in 100% compatibility and top performance, then
> >> please do continue to enjoy yourself, just don't bother bitching to
> >> everyone else about your problems. You knew, or should have know that
> >> you were not going to get optimal performance right from the start.
> There is the crux of the problem. You claim to be not interested in
> 100% compatibility and top performance and then bitch that you are not
> getting the results you expected under the environment you are
> operating it under.

There is a *HUGE* difference between "top performance" and "100%
compatibility" and being usable at all.   What I am complaining about it is
that the performance is so bad it is unusable once it gets loaded down with
any serious (for example I had to wait 5 seconds between the time I typed
the '(' in this parenthetical and the time it appeared on the screen, that
is not usable by any definition).   As a IoT web app developer I need to
use something that has a GUI and frankly Linux is a piece of flying crap
when it comes to using it for programming, windows is slightly better then
Linux even in this regard.   So if I am going to be able to work without
spending an insane amount of money on hardware (and the utility bills that
come along with having more physical machines than is needed, not to
mention the environmental harm of the same) and/or losing productivity
because of a crappy development environment then desktop FreeBSD is the
only real option.   Since I am not made out of money and my clients
pay-by-the hour linux is out the question (so is windows).

So I wonder if you will ever admit that for *SOME* use cases (like mine)
running desktop apps on FreeBSD (even with crappy performance if not
frequently rebooted) is better than any other OS for *THAT* use case.

I have a friend who owns a donkey. He loves that animal and rides him
> quite often. Never-the-less, he is not naive enough to think that it
> will ever win the Kentucky Derby. The point being, at some point any
> sane human being accepts reality as it exists and stops bitching like
> a little girl. If you don't like your reality, then you are free to
> change it; bitching about is only a waste of time.

I am not looking for a race horse. I only want a rideable animal that has
all 4 legs.

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,

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