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On 25 Jul 2020, at 09:24, Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:
> Michael Watters wrote:
>> On 7/24/2020 9:39 AM, Ottavio Caruso via freebsd-questions wrote:
>>> Why do I have to choose between Linux and FreeBSD? Why can't I have
>>> both? I also use NetBSD, OpenBSD, Android, occasionally Windows. Am I
>>> a traitor? Am I an infidel?
>> While it's fun to test out and play with different OSes it makes life
>> much simpler if you standardize on *one* platform.  Most organizations
>> have standards and policies about what operating systems are allowed on
>> their servers.
> This is very true. And when it comes to choice between Linux and
> FreeBSD (as a company policy), despite my love for FreeBSD and long time
> (over 20 years) experience therewith, I find there is very little I can
> now rationally present as arguments to choose FreeBSD over Linux.

The tipping point for me has been the explosion in Docker use.

It is trivial to throw up a minimal Linux server and then load a ton of docker containers on it, and that is a combination that is hard to beat. I have opinions on tis, of course, but they are not relevant to this.

I setup a machine for someone to act as a HTPC using linux and a half-dozen docker containers. It took about an hour, and the system is largely idiot-proof. I'm not sure it would have been possible to use the same software at all under FreeBSD and it certainly would have taken much much longer.

That said, I will continue to use FreeBSD for the mail server and my stuff because I am used to *BSD and I find it annoying when I have to switch to Linux, so the real stuff is still FreeBSD and will be. But a lot of stuff is already Linux and will continue to be.

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