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> Michael Watters wrote:
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> > On 7/24/2020 9:39 AM, Ottavio Caruso via freebsd-questions wrote:
> > > Why do I have to choose between Linux and FreeBSD? Why can't I have
> > > both? I also use NetBSD, OpenBSD, Android, occasionally Windows. Am I
> > > a traitor? Am I an infidel?
> > While it's fun to test out and play with different OSes it makes life
> > much simpler if you standardize on *one* platform.  Most organizations
> > have standards and policies about what operating systems are allowed on
> > their servers.
> This is very true. And when it comes to choice between Linux and
> FreeBSD (as a company policy), despite my love for FreeBSD and long time
> (over 20 years) experience therewith, I find there is very little I can
> now rationally present as arguments to choose FreeBSD over Linux.

If stability is not a factor then you likely have no real argument because
Linux has a long history of "borrowing" to put it politely tech from
wherever they find it.   If you are familiar with Star Trek think of it as
the Borg OS (you will be assimilated!).   This history started even before
FreeBSD existed when it got it's network stack from 44BSD (without giving
credit), continuing with ZFS and other things.  As far as I can tell docker
and other liteweight VM's are mostly meant to deal with the fact that the
OS is a Rub Goldberg Machine at it's best, a heaping lump of useless junk
glued together in god knows what way at it's worst.  Again like the Borg it
only works if you use it *EXACTLY* the way it is supposed to be used and
that way is completely undocumented.   None of the above is true with
FreeBSD.... this is even though I am a life long Unix (BSD) fanatic (since
the early 1980's) and hate M$ stuff I would rather use windows then Linux
(I am being polite and not calling it my prefered name for it Linsucks).

So I would not argue from a feature point of view but from a philosphical
and the resulting stability/robustiness point of view for FreeBSD.

> Very simple questions from the management:
> 1. If we decide to run FreeBSD on AWS ARM64 instances, how are you going
> to upgrade them? Via buildworld on each? Not funny.

AWS has all kinds of problems so why use them at all instead of a cloud
provider that gives you a true VM and easy migrations paths.

> 2. What if we eventually decide to roll out docker?

Docker is a bag on the side of a kludge that solves no real problems except
hiding a fundamentally misarchitured OS.   If you really want to use Linux
then do it as a VM on a FreeBSD host to for stability reasons.
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,

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