Technological advantages over Linux

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sat Jul 25 06:37:35 UTC 2020

Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
> > Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > 1. Debian can run several versions of PHP, PostgreSQL and some other
> > software simultaneously (without manual efforts with jails, chroots
> 	Hmmm ...

FreeBSD supports multiple versions of Python, what's wrong with PHP? Is
it some principled position, or just lack of resources or money to

> > 3. FreeBSD lacks a native docker (what prevents from fixing
> 	Isn't the whole point of docker to package applications in
> containers so that (among other simplifications) there was no need to
> support multiple versions of services in the same environment.
> 	One service, one container works just as well in jails as in
> docker, 

We can't compare docker and jails like that. Jails is just a process
isolation technology. Docker is a ready product (based on the Linux
equivalents of jails, mount_unionfs etc).

When iocage or pot are mature enough (hopefully), we well be able to
compare docker vs iocage, and this would be a fair comparison.

> granted it's not as easy as writing a yaml file and watching a
> poorly understood swarm of thousands of containers spring to life and
> provide a load-balanced service, but it isn't hard especially with iocage
> templates.

Glad you understand that. Many people touting jail don't realize it.

> 	Personally I always run services in single service jails and have
> done for a lot longer than docker has existed. 

It could be great if FreeBSD provided an infrastructure for this. If for
example, for every service XXX there existed a


That would be a huge advantage.

> 	I have systems which have been steadily upgraded from 8.<mumble> to
> 12.1 with only a single (easily corrected) upgrade glitch (the drm_kmod
> issue) and not a single byte of data lost. Standard advice in Linux world
> regarding major version upgrades seems to be "Don't do it and if you do
> expect breakage". That is a *major* technological advantage.

I fully agree with you here, especially taking into account that Linuxes
lack the notion of the base system and boot environments.

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