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> > Let add one more complication the client wants us to auto populate the
> > MySQL DB from our webapp DB which is on a physically separate machine,
> but
> > refuses to buy a second license for the device DB software and thus we
> are
> > forced to do our development/alpha testing on live data (i.e. we *MUST*
> > have completely working backups made every 15 mins or so).
>         Ugh! I really don't miss end-user facing work :) There's something
> nice about having sysadmins as the most demanding customers.

Last kicker is the programmer that maintains the low level DB facing code
in the device --> Windows server (only supports windows server running
MySQL despite bing in Java [they hardcoded a lot of windows only data into
the closed source code]) has only worked for the vendor since April while
the VP of Engineering (who held the programmers job before April) refused
to answer the following question saying it was irrelevant to having two
programs updating the physical DB at once: "Are there any concurrency
issues we need to aware when auto populating the patient data?" (ok
"refused" is too polite of a description for what he actually said "don't
go down that rabbit hole, this conversation is over!" [and hangs up on us
by slamming the phone down].... this despite direct orders from the CEO to
give all possible aid and answers).   We asked this question after he said
that the tables/queries we were updating where not used and/or referenced
any the real time data (despite the fact that we can so clear as day in the
transaction log that it did reference it and that the real time data
referenced it but in such a way that it was clear there was DB like
communication going on that was hidden to us [the real time data referred
to the keys of records that had not been created yet but where created
right after their reference in the real time data for the first time!])...
Oh forgot to mention internal DB ID's are not auto generated or auto
incremented by computed by counting the number of rows and adding one in
the current table.

The vendor so incompetent it is beyond me how the FDA ever approved this
device! (Sadly we know how the FDA approved it because the above is
slightly above average for the software engineering quality of medical
device software).... If being sick doesn't kill the cure will if it
involves medical software! (which is required by law for record keeping if
nothing else)

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