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>> I do love when things are done on their own without me doing them, 
>> like things you complain FreeBSD pkg doesn't. But one has to come to 
>> realize that for that getting done without you all the way there is 
>> [only one I know] solution: just hire good sysadmin ;-)
> No, like any good admin I’m lazy, and my opinion is that anything that 
> could be automated, should be automated. ;)

Yes, indeed, but I prefer some things related to fundamental choices 
still stay in my control, and if they are automated, they are automated 
by me. When I was asked if I could take second department as my 
responsibility, I had everything automated so, that I answered quite 
honestly: "sure, where there are 100 machines, can easily be 200".

Indeed sysadmins are lazy. I call it "lazy enough to do thing well 
enough, so you will not have to redo them in a future".


> Peter
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