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> Why do I have to choose between Linux and FreeBSD? Why can't I have
> both? I also use NetBSD, OpenBSD, Android, occasionally Windows. Am I
> a traitor? Am I an infidel?

Note: VM below refers to not just heavy weight ones like qemu, vbox or
bhyve but to lighter weight ones like jails, etc.

1. The whole point of VM's is to let you do just that
2. By the very definition of an operating system you can only have *ONE*
per logical/physical machine (assume the physical machine has no VM's).
The reason is the primary job of the OS is to *MANAGE* the hardware and
other resources of the machine in a coordinated and efficient manner for
all users.   This means the OS *MUST* have exclusive use of the hardware
and all requests for resources be made through it.  Any other scheme will
lead to literal anarchy and an unusable machine.  So this means you can not
have more then one at once on a given machine.  You can do emulation of the
interface (user and programmer) offered by other OS's as long you know at
the end of the day that's all you're doing (you're emulating the other OS
you are not actually running it).   All modern OS's have such emulation for
most of the most common competitors.

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