New Updates WAS: [FreeBSD (GhostBSD) Question?]

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at
Thu Jul 23 13:35:50 UTC 2020

Hi All,

NOTE: To shorten the long message stream, I renamed it.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments and suggestions about
GhostBSD, FreeBSD and making the transition.

Last night, I fired up and installed GhostBSD on a drive and it works well.
I really like the nice clean looking interface as a definice Pro, but from
what I can see, it also does not use Freshports or the same PKG repository
as FreeBSD which is what I have been browsing and learning from which is
sort of a Con in this case.

Also, it seems that GhostBSD can install the rEFInd boot loaded which runs
well too.

On the other side of things, I was able to also install the FreeBSD GUI
edition (FuryBSD Xfce) which seems to be an exact use of FreeBSD along with
the same ports and PKG usage, but with a nice desktop installed on it.  I
also really like it as well, but had a problem trying to get the bootloader
installed and had to manually boot from my bios efi screen since something
did not install correctly when it did the auto install. I also tried to
manually download and set up the rEFInd bootloader from their site so that
I could try to keep the FuryBSD installation,but could not easily figure
out what I needed to install and where so I gave up and did another
re-installation of the GhostBSD.

I may give the FuryBSD a new clean try since I really want to be able to
use the standard Freshports and base FreeBSD PKG system as my project is
based upon mfsBSD in an effort to setup an ultra-small minimum FreeBSD with
some Xserver (xorg-minimal), XFree86, Wayland-based, or some other that is
absolutely the smallest of the bunch so that I can just run either a
FreeRDP client or VNC client while keeping my mfsBSD as close to the
current 30MB size as possible.

Later, I will also try to make it even smaller, but right now just to get a
very small graphics system on top of the mfsBSD core and add a remote
desktop client is the primary goal.

Thanks to everyone who has been giving me suggestions and guidance along
the way. It's truly appreciated and I am learning a lot so that hopefully
soon, I too, can contribute back more to FreeBSD as well.

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