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Wed Jul 22 15:22:46 UTC 2020

 Hi Lonnie,
GhostBSD is FreeBSD running a MATE Desktop.
Yes, it's incredibly stable.  Yes, it's well designed and implemented.  Yes, as my 80+ y.o. mother-in-law will tell you, it's easy to use.  (I don't have to spend 1-3 hours removing malware, spyware and viruses on the Windoze desktop she used to have.  (She went from PC-BSD, to TrueOS to GhostBSD over the last 7 years....  and my life has been wonderful when visiting since.... :D )
SO... kudos to their team.  It prompts when it finds updates necessary and it's so very useful in finding, installing, removing software via their 'software station'.
Yes, I'm a big fan.

    On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 6:52:35 PM EDT, Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie at> wrote:  
 Greeting All,

Although I am committed to now taking the plunge and go all of the way with
the FreeBSD platform, I wanted to get a FreeBSD distro flavor that already
had a desktop and I could just install while I work on this current FreeBSD
related project that I am doing now.

With that in mind, here is what I tried.

1. FreeBSD 12.1 (core iso) --- This one boos up great on my hardware but
seems like it will take a bit of work to get a graphical environment setup,
which I can do, but time is short right now.

2. FuryBSD --- This is supposed to basically be FreeBSD 12.1 with a
graphical environment already setup, but for some reason, bot the KDR and
XFCE (amd64) ISO's would not completely boot up and went to a blank screen.
I could not even login on a non-graphical console. Strange.

3. GhostBSD --- This one also seems like they took the FreeBSD 12.1 iso and
added a graphical frontend since I actually see it saying "Booting FreeBSD
12.1" as it comes up.

To my surprise, GhostBSD seems to come up nicely.

My question to the mailing list is this. Is it accurate to say that
GhostBSD is just FreeBSD with a graphical environment added?

I ask, because I want to stay with FreeBSD, but just do not want to spend
the time right now setting up the GUI and fine tuning, so I am taking the
lazy way for the time being and will come back at a later time to do a
fresh FreeBSD install from scratch.

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