FreeBSD (GhostBSD) Question?

Pete Wright pete at
Tue Jul 21 23:19:45 UTC 2020

On 7/21/20 3:52 PM, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> My question to the mailing list is this. Is it accurate to say that
> GhostBSD is just FreeBSD with a graphical environment added?
> I ask, because I want to stay with FreeBSD, but just do not want to spend
> the time right now setting up the GUI and fine tuning, so I am taking the
> lazy way for the time being and will come back at a later time to do a
> fresh FreeBSD install from scratch.
I like GhostBSD, I often use it to validate our graphics stack works as 
expected on new hardware.  I also find it refreshing to have an 
"opinionated" desktop environment, meaning the GhostBSD team put effort 
in to customize defaults for a great user experience.

from my experience it seems to also do a good job not deviating too much 
from a vanilla FreeBSD install as well, so it may be a good choice to 
get more familiar with howto sysadmin a FreeBSD box while also having a 
usable graphical desktop with modern applications.


Pete Wright
pete at

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