Setting up Wayland (Weston or Sway Compositor) on FreeBSD without X11 (Xorg)?

Evilham contact at
Tue Jul 21 16:11:48 UTC 2020

On dt., jul. 21 2020, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

> Hi All,
> I hope that everyone is doing well and truly hope that someone 
> can help me
> on this as I have no idea how to proceed.
> I need a super ultra-thin graphic interface that will run a 
> single
> application in fullscreen mode much like a Kiosk.
> The challenge is that Xorg is entirely too big and read that you 
> could run
> Wayland using a compositor without Xorg which may be promising, 
> but I do
> not know yet.
> The truth is that my core FreeBSD is coming in at about 30MB and 
> now I
> would like to put a GUI on it to support the single application 
> while
> hoping to try and also keep the total size absolutely as low as 
> possible.
> If I could keep the whole thing under 100MB then that would be 
> awesome, but
> I do not know if this can be done.
> In any case, the application FreeRDP and is supposed to have a 
> Wayland
> client.  I also tried to look into DirectFB (Direct Framebuffer) 
> and see
> that FreeBSD can load it from the "pkg" system for which is says 
> that it
> also loads
> wayland-1.18.0_3               Wayland composite "server"

Hey, I recall having had a similar issue with freerdp in Wayland; 
I think at first it was because I used freerdp and not wlfreerdp! 
Maybe that's your issue?

In the end, I started using remmina (in ports) which also has a 
kiosk mode (-k argument) that might be something of interest to 
you; having the GUI for a list of connections ended up being nice 
for me.
It's kinda big, but it might shed some light into whether or not 
and maybe why wlfreerdp can work for you.

Cheers and good luck :-).

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