Setting up Wayland (Weston or Sway Compositor) on FreeBSD without X11 (Xorg)?

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at
Tue Jul 21 13:57:07 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I hope that everyone is doing well and truly hope that someone can help me
on this as I have no idea how to proceed.

I need a super ultra-thin graphic interface that will run a single
application in fullscreen mode much like a Kiosk.

The challenge is that Xorg is entirely too big and read that you could run
Wayland using a compositor without Xorg which may be promising, but I do
not know yet.

The truth is that my core FreeBSD is coming in at about 30MB and now I
would like to put a GUI on it to support the single application while
hoping to try and also keep the total size absolutely as low as possible.
If I could keep the whole thing under 100MB then that would be awesome, but
I do not know if this can be done.

In any case, the application FreeRDP and is supposed to have a Wayland
client.  I also tried to look into DirectFB (Direct Framebuffer) and see
that FreeBSD can load it from the "pkg" system for which is says that it
also loads

wayland-1.18.0_3               Wayland composite "server"

but when I tried to run the freerdp wfreerdp wayland client from the text
screen, it says:

failed to connect to Wayland display (null): no such file or directory

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how I might proceed either
with Wayland or some even some other possible solution?

It's a very unique and challenging idea to have a super small footprint
graphics solution, but I feel that there is one somewhere.

Best Regards and looking forward to hearing from someone on this.

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