forwarding audio from a (bhyve) vm

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Mon Jul 20 22:06:58 UTC 2020

Right.  Perfect, this is what I needed to um, 'hear'. ;-)
Thank you.

Comments inline.

On 2020-07-20 03:08, Polytropon wrote:
 > On Sun, 19 Jul 2020 19:10:09 -0700, Russell L. Carter wrote:
 >> I have unifi-video up and running in a debian 9 bhyve vm.  What's the
 >> current best practice for forwarding the audio from the bhyve vm?  I'd
 >> like to be able to listen to the camera audio anywhere in my very
 >> heterogeneous OS network.  My main desktop is FreeBSD, so that's what
 >> I mainly need.  Is that possible?  Do the *vnc's do sound?
 >> What's the most efficient method?
 > Maybe you can achieve this using virtual networking? There
 > are solutions that use UDP for audio streaming (called "Seren"),
 > or tunneling pulseaudio (if you're using it), or use XRDP with
 > its pulseaudio plugin.

Seren looks perfect.  However it uses alsa to access the "sound card",
which I see from googling should be achievable in a bhyve vm by
configuring the HDA emulation. Evidently, after consulting

I should be able to achieve this using vm-bhyve by setting

bhyve_options="-s 9,hda,play=/dev/dsp1,rec=/dev/dsp1"

in the vm template file.

(Although I have no idea why the forum post uses a "9" whereas
the SummerOfCode post uses "x:y" for the first entry in the
config list, I'm a bhyve noob).

I'll report if it works.


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