Jacques Foucry jacques+freebsd at
Fri Jul 17 19:00:38 UTC 2020

Le vendredi 17 juil. 2020 à 18:24:14 (+0200), Tomasz CEDRO à écrit:
> How about bthid? :-)

Well, I tried.

kldload ng_ubt

start hcsecd -d
start sdpd -d
start bthidd -d -u

But no chance :-(

bthidd tell me:
bthidd 52570 - - syntax error in line 1

I suppose it's in the config file which is empty.

spdcontrol -l search cannot connect to the socket:
sdpd 76041 - - Client on control socket has disconnected in the sdpd -d

hddcontrol read_node_list failed too:
hccontrol: Could not find HCI nodes

And nothing in dmesg :-(

Imust be wrong or my mouse is really poor quality.

I will check with Linux, Event ot find the mouse addressė


Jacques Foucry

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