Trying to install FreeBSD 12.1 on Librem laptop

Patryk Cisek patryk at
Mon Jul 13 17:04:25 UTC 2020


I'm new to FreeBSD and was trying to install it on my laptop bare metal
for the first time. I've installed FreeBSD without any problems a number
of times in a VM, but now wanted to install on bare metal for the 1st time.

Right after the initial screen, I'm getting an error message, saying:

Loading configured modules...
can't find '/boot/entropy'

Please, see the screenshot:

I tried googling for similar problems, but haven't found anything, I
could hold on to. There was a similar issue on a Dell laptop
(, but they resolved the issue by tinkering with
settings in the BIOS. Librem laptops are running SeaBIOS:

so I don't have access to any BIOS settings, really. I might be out of
luck, running FreeBSD on that particular laptop, but wanted to ask for
help here before giving up. I'd really appreciate any help/suggestions.
:) Thanks in advance. :)

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