Lots of pkg upgrade processes

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at webtent.org
Fri Jul 10 16:39:01 UTC 2020

I have asked about this on the FreeNAS community forum, but haven't 
heard anything and appreciate anyone here that can suggest a solution.

Yesterday I start getting alerts about a large number of processes from 
Nagios running in a Jail on FreeNAS. Again this morning over 1000 pkg 
upgrade processes. The server is running FreeNAS-11.3-U1 with Jail 
running 11.3-RELEASE-p7. I can see all the processes and kill from the 
Jail. How could I determine the cause? I was not able to find anything 
related to pkg in the system log. We haven't made any pkg upgrades since 
way before this started happening as you can see my FreeNAS install 
needs to be updated. Perhaps it is trying to tell me I need to? I have 
never seen this happen on any FreeBSD server.


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