Sending system mail to remote mail server

Evilham contact at
Thu Jul 9 12:38:06 UTC 2020

On dj., jul. 09 2020, xpetrl wrote:

>> I'd like to setup my machines to send the local system mail to 
>> the mail server (things like the weekly repots to root, cron 
>> output, etc), which means setting up submission on these 
>> machines. I don't even know where to start on this.
> You can start from here:

I'd use dma, it's simple to automate and configure and is in base 
(unlike ssmtp).

man 8 dma should get you started and there is also 
/usr/share/examples/dma/mailer.conf which tells you how to setup 
mailer.conf (see man 5 mailer.conf).

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