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>>> Hi,
>>> > Is there a specific reason why this has happened? Did the LPI impose
>>> > the usage of Powerpoint on Deb?
>>> >
>> LOL. LPI uses Windows! Nice going ! And I thought I'd seen it all!
> There's no evidence that "LPI uses Windows". I can only see a screen
> with Powerpoint. I assume this was running on Deb's PC. I'm just
> asking whose decision it was to run Powerpoint vs another FOSS
> application.
There is NO evidence that proves that this power-point-like
presentation was made with the actual Microsoft program. I could
create that exact same presentation in LibreOffice Impress and save it
in .pptx format.

Unless there is actual evidence that it WAS created in PPT, please
drop this. Deb does too much good work to suffer these brickbats!

If it _was_ created in PPT itself, let's use that as an opportunity to
help our Foundation advocates understand FreeBSD better... and use it
for work on our behalf. I am sure there are enough passionate beasties
out there to configure a surplus PC tower as a desktop for her that's
as easy to use as her (purported) Doze box. Let that be a challenge to

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